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Year 2024
Volume 21 (XXXVIII), no 1

Year 2023
Volume 20 (XXXVII), no 1
Volume 20 (XXXVII), no 2

Year 2022
Volume 19 (XXXVI), no 1
Volume 19 (XXXVI), no 2

Year 2021
Volume 18 (XXXV), no 1
Volume 18 (XXXV), no 2

Year 2020
Volume 17 (XXXIV), no 1
Volume 17 (XXXIV), no 2

Year 2019
Volume 16 (XXXIII), no 1
Volume 16 (XXXIII), no 2

Year 2018
Volume 15 (XXXII), no 1
Volume 15 (XXXII), no 2

Year 2017
Volume 14 (XXXI), no 1
Volume 14 (XXXI), no 2

Year 2016
Volume 13 (XXX), no 1
Volume 13 (XXX), no 2

Year 2015
Volume 12 (XXIX), no 1
Volume 12 (XXIX), no 2

Year 2014
Volume 11 (XXVIII), no 1
Volume 11 (XXVIII), no 2

Year 2013
Volume 10 (XXVII), no 1
Volume 10 (XXVII), no 2

Year 2012
Volume 9 (XXVI), no 1
Volume 9 (XXVI), no 2

Year 2011
Volume 8 (XXV), no 1
Volume 8 (XXV), no 2

Year 2010
Volume 7 (XXIV), no 1
Volume 7 (XXIV), no 2

Year 2009
Volume 6 (XXIII)

Submit paper

The deadlines for submission of papers are April 30th and October 31st.
Papers are required to meet the following requirements :
Requirements for papers :
Papers are presented in English, preferably having an even number of pages (4-8 pages)
Papers are to be written in Word, following the AMSET_Author_template.docx
Papers in their final form are sent electronically to :
Authors will indicate the contact person, e-mail address and affiliation
Papers are reviewed by two scientific reviewers, recognised in their field of work (review form)
Papers are returned to authors for corrections in cases when :
–  the instructions in the AMSET_Author_template.docx are not fully abided by
–  reviewers ask for modifications in the scientific content and in the document format etc
Papers can be rejected if the scientific content is not satisfactory, if they are not original and if they are not correct in English
References must reflect the corresponding documentation of authors in the field of the paper
Authors take full responsibility for calculations, experimental data, scientific claims and translation of papers
Authors declare that the article and/or parts of it were not published before in other bulletins and that Copyright laws are abided by Copyright Transfer Agreement and Statement of Plagiarism form must be filled in, signed, scanned and submitted after confirmation of paper acceptance.
Editor in Chief, Prof. dr. ing. Liviu MOLDOVAN
Managing Editor, Prof. dr. ing. Ildikó PÉTER
Managing Editor, Conf. dr. ing. Zoltán GERMÁN-SALLÓ
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